The University of Texas at Dallas is now rated the #1 school with less than fifty years of history and a huge part of the student population is comprised of students of Indian origin. Many of us are South Indian and especially from the state of Kerala. We have a language and tradition much different from rest of the country and it would be great meet and get to know each other while, opening up the wide horizons of possibilities and endless opportunities.

So, finally, with the effort and enthusiasm of many we are able to officially have an organization on campus which is supported by one of the biggest, if not the biggest organization, Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas abbreviated as FOMAA.

The main motive of this organization is to provide the platform for the ever-increasing comet population of campus to meet and form relations that would prove to be life changers.

We promise that you will not regret your decision to be a part of us, as we promise to maximize your exposure while making you feel like at home.

Stay tuned for most details on our plans and always feel free to send a text or shoot us a call!